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Gratex Belt just like construction to the balanced belt. This type of belt gives a closer mesh with greater strength than the balanced weave.

Applications (Used) of Gratex Belt:-
  1. Gratex Belt can be used at high temperature
  2. Gratex Belt can have tight mesh and can carry small things
  3. Surface of Gratex belt is flat and unsrable items can be carried
  4. Allowable tension of stainless steel conveyor belt is high and heavy load can be carried
gratex belt
Details of Gratex Belts
Sr No. Specifications No. Of Spirals per feet No. Of Cross-rods per feet Spiral wire dia Cross wire dia
1 G-36-10-10-06 36 10 10 swg 06 swg
2 G-36-15-10-06 36 15 10 swg 06 swg
3 G-42-10-10-06 42 10 10 swg 06 swg
4 G-42-15-10-06 42 15 10 swg 06 swg
5 G-42-18-10-10 42 18 10 swg 10 swg
6 G-42-18-12-10 42 18 12 swg 10 swg