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The Honeycomb belt or Flat Wire belt are made from cross rods and flat metal strip. The honeycomb belts applications and structure. The honey comb belt is positively driven by sprockets, and can be used at conveyor speeds of less than 1 meter per minute to about 25 meters per minute, which are considered normal speeds. Speeds above 25 meters per minute are considered to be high speeds and can affect the life of the belt. The construction of the conveyor system and the process conditions are also important considerations.

Applications (Used) of Honeycomb Belt:-
  1. Product handling systems
  2. Sorting systems
  3. Washing systems
  4. Bread production systems
  5. Drying systems
  6. Cooling systems
honeycomb belt
Details of Honeycomb Belts
1 X 1 STANDARD DUTY 3/8 X .046 wire, 11 ga rods
1 X 1 HEAVY DUTY 1/2 X .062 wire, 6 ga rods

1 X 1 opening Available in welded and clinched edge

1/2 X 1 STANDARD DUTY 3/8 X .046 wire 11 ga rods
/2 X 1 HEAVY DUTY 1/2 X .062 wire 6 ga rods

1/2 X 1 Opening Available in welded and clinched edge